Educating Children Based
on Christian Values

Families who send their children to Regius come from a wide range of church denominations. But one common reason why parents choose to send their children to us is our focus on integrating Christian values into their children’s education.

Our goal is to place God at the centre of what we do.

Enrolment of New Pupils

Applications for the 2024/2025 school year are now open!

Our enrolment process is simple and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Classes begin in August 2024, and we'd love to welcome your child.
Our Goal

Laying Solid Educational Foundations

We believe that every child has a God-given calling, and our role is to lay solid educational foundations, so they can excel in all areas where God calls them to.

Our goal is for every child to realise their full potential within a caring Christian environment. We nurture the gifts, talents and character of all the children in our care.

Empowering Learners

We do this by providing excellent teaching that equips children to become independent learners and consciously providing opportunities for them to develop their leadership skills.

Faith & Purpose

We teach the children to value the word of God, the fruits of the spirit, and foster an understanding that they have been created for a unique purpose.
Welcome from Our Headteacher

At Regius School, we firmly believe in the importance of each child being seen, heard and understood. We long for the next generation in this nation to be raised up with a knowledge and understanding of the ways of the Lord.

As a staff team, we begin each day with prayer knowing that God is the source of all that we do. We have a dedicated team who are committed to working in harmony and creating an environment where children can thrive and flourish.

"It is an honour to work in partnership with families in the education of their children, and it brings us great joy to see each individual develop and progress into who they were created to be! We’d love to meet you and talk to you about how we lay solid educational foundations and help each child realise their full potential."
Rachel Meldrum, Regius School Headteacher
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Parents See the Benefits

Hear from Our Regius Family

At Regius, we believe in fostering a strong school community.
See what parents are saying about the positive impact a Regius education has on their children:

“Although our Daughter is only in P1, she has already enjoyed Field Trips to Newhailes House and Queen Margaret University, as well as taking part in the Nativity Play, and the year-end musical.”

"Regius School provides a safe and welcoming environment within which creative learning, academic excellence and personal character can develop and thrive."

“What has impressed us is that our child can move beyond her standard year group curriculum, where she is ready for further breadth, and the school has capacity to support and facilitate those needs.”

“There is a rich depth of experience to be embraced at Regius, with every facet of each child taken care of and nourished by a truly invested and excellent teaching team."

“It is a joy to witness how caring and compassionate the children are with one another.  They are happy to champion each other and see everyone lifted up in their own unique way.”

“Regius is unique in the sense that it caters to a child’s individual learning pace, while also maintaining an atmosphere to strive for excellence in education."

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Every contribution helps us nurture the potential of our students and equip them to become future leaders who make a positive difference in the world.
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Frequently asked questions
Do parents/children need to be Christians?

We are a Christian school which means that all our teachers and helpers are Christians, who love God. We will talk about the Bible and its teachings and pray for our children. Neither children nor parents need to be Christians, but we expect them to respect the views of those who are Christians. This means that we expect children to be kind when speaking to others about what they believe. We also expect children to be part of our prayer and worship times, even though they may not engage in these activities at home.

Can new P1 pupils have a shorter school day?

P1 pupils can have a shorter school day for the first quarter term, attending from 8.45am until lunchtime if desired by parents but only until the September holiday weekend. Thereafter, children will be expected full-time. Parents should be aware, afternoons are when we timetable activities such as Art, Music, PE and Dance. We will not be able to accommodate ‘catch-up’ for these missed activities.

Do you accept children with additional support needs?

We can accept children with additional support needs, provided that we have the necessary supports and resources available to meet the needs of the child. This would be decided through discussion with the parent(s) and, if appropriate, a trial period at the school.

Will my child be accepted if the school is oversubscribed?

If the school is oversubscribed, children will be accepted on the basis of the first to apply and complete all necessary documentation. Children with siblings in the school will, generally, take priority, but again they will need to apply before others are accepted.